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About vcpkg
vcpkg is a free C/C++ package manager for acquiring and managing libraries. Choose from over 1500 open source libraries to download and build in a single step or add your own private libraries to simplify your build process. Maintained by the Microsoft C++ team and open source contributors.
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Simplicity and flexibility are central to vcpkg.

Easy To Use

Download and build popular libraries in a single step. Never worry about upstream dependencies or version conflicts. Declare dependencies with commandline actions or in a manifest that can live with your repo. Get support from the development team, documentation, and an active community.


vcpkg works with your preferred OS, buildsystem, target architectures, IDE, editor, and continuous integration process. Libraries are built from source and can be configured.


Maintain consistency between local developer and CI/CD workflows. Stay on your preferred library versions. Sync your dependency ecosystem with the rest of your team.

For Everyone

Whether you are a one-person team on a small open source project or a large enterprise with complex build and security needs, take advantage of the latest vcpkg features for your workflow. Cache binaries for faster consumption, avoid diamond dependency resolution issues, reproduce identical builds for all developers, CI machines, and containers. Bring your own libraries or consume popular public ones. Take advantage of existing Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code integration.