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The latest version of this document lives in the vcpkg repo.

Merge release and debug CMake targets and configs to support multiconfig generators.

Additionally corrects common issues with targets, such as absolute paths and incorrectly placed binaries.

    [PACKAGE_NAME <name>]
    [CONFIG_PATH <config-directory>]

For many ports, vcpkg_cmake_config_fixup() on its own should work, as PACKAGE_NAME defaults to ${PORT} and CONFIG_PATH defaults to share/${PACKAGE_NAME}. For ports where the package name passed to find_package is distinct from the port name, PACKAGE_NAME should be changed to be that name instead. For ports where the directory of the *config.cmake files cannot be set, use the CONFIG_PATH to change the directory where the files come from.

By default the parent directory of CONFIG_PATH is removed if it is named "cmake". Passing the DO_NOT_DELETE_PARENT_CONFIG_PATH option disable such behavior, as it is convenient for ports that install more than one CMake package configuration file.

The NO_PREFIX_CORRECTION option disables the correction of _IMPORT_PREFIX done by vcpkg due to moving the config files. Currently the correction does not take into account how the files are moved, and applies a rather simply correction which in some cases will yield the wrong results.

How it Works

  1. Moves /debug/<CONFIG_PATH>/*targets-debug.cmake to /share/${PACKAGE_NAME}.
  2. Removes /debug/<CONFIG_PATH>/*config.cmake.
  3. Transform all references matching /bin/*.exe to /tools/<port>/*.exe on Windows.
  4. Transform all references matching /bin/* to /tools/<port>/* on other platforms.
  5. Fixes ${_IMPORT_PREFIX} in auto generated targets.
  6. Replace ${CURRENT_INSTALLED_DIR} with ${_IMPORT_PREFIX} in configs and targets.