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The latest version of this document lives in the vcpkg repo.

Only for internal use in vcpkg helpers. Behavior and arguments will change without notice.

Apply a set of patches to a source tree.

    SOURCE_PATH <path-to-source>
    PATCHES <patch>...

The <path-to-source> should be set to ${SOURCE_PATH} by convention, and is the path to apply the patches in.

z_vcpkg_apply_patches will take the list of <patch>es, which are by default relative to the port directory, and apply them in order using git apply. Generally, these <patch>es take the form of some.patch to select patches in the port directory. One may also download patches and use ${VCPKG_DOWNLOADS}/path/to/some.patch.

If QUIET is not passed, it is a fatal error for a patch to fail to apply; otherwise, if QUIET is passed, no message is printed. This should only be used for edge cases, such as patches that are known to fail even on a clean source tree.