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vcpkg x-update-baseline

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This command is experimental and may change or be removed at any time


vcpkg x-update-baseline [options] [--add-initial-baseline] [--dry-run]


Update baselines for all configured registries.

In Manifest Mode, this command operates on all registries in the vcpkg.json and the vcpkg-configuration.json. In Classic Mode, this command operates on the vcpkg-configuration.json in the vcpkg instance ($VCPKG_ROOT).

See the versioning documentation for more information about baselines.


All vcpkg commands support a set of common options.


Print the planned baseline upgrades, but do not modify the files on disk.


Manifest Mode Only

Add a "builtin-baseline" field to the vcpkg.json if it does not already have one.

Without this flag, it is an error to run this command on a manifest that does not have any registries configured.